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Process Metallurgist

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Process Manager, the incumbent undertakes assorted fundamental research and development projects with an end objective of improvement of heap-leach and plant operating and maintenance efficiency. The incumbent will introduce sound metallurgical practice to all process changes and recovery improvements and will support to the operational areas looking for more efficient process. Incumbent will supervise all assigned Metallurgists and Metallurgical Technicians and conduct all required personnel reviews, safety meetings, safety inspections, and task observations while continuously aligning daily functions to reflect Sored Mines’ values.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic Effectiveness : Developing and communicating rigorous and creative business strategies that drive sustainable value.
  • External Engagement : Understanding and building relationships with external parties that strengthen and sustain competitive advantage.
  • Business Focus : Applying commercial rigor and discipline to all business decisions and customer relationships
  • Living the SoredMines Values : Aligning behavior, decisions, and actions with SoredMines values and principles.


  1. Design and supervise plant sampling surveys, including proper sampling as required by the particular attributes of the unit operation being studied.  Analyze the data extracted and make recommendations for change based on interpretation of the results using sound engineering principles.
  2. Design and carry out laboratory process simulation tests using bench-scale grinding, other related processes.  Scale-up from bench-scale results.  Design plant tests and organize and run these plant tests.  Report on results of all tests.
  3. Metallurgical accounting and control of gold inventories (solutions, carbons, ponds, tanks, pad, etc.)
  4. Maintain current knowledge of industry practice and innovation and technological change.
  5. Will write up procedures and SOP’s for routine sampling and testing conducted in the process.
  6. Compliance with all company policies and procedures including, but not limited to safety, environmental, confidentiality and code of conduct.
  7. Consistently exercises discretion and judgment in job performance.
  8. Helps develop other department personnel to perform duties listed above.
  9. Etc,

Qualifications and Skill Requirements

  1. Accuracy and precise work.
  2. Ensure that sound engineering practice and principles are used.
  3. Understanding of computer modeling.
  4. Bachelor’s Degree in chemical or metallurgical engineering is required.
  5. 10 years’ experience preferred, including operating plant experience.
  6. Good communication and interpersonal skills.

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