Our objective is to create value for all our stakeholders by selectively investing in locally owned under developed gold mining plays in Africa that show significant upside potentials. 


MinInvest bridges the gap between the overwhelming number of promising gold exploration projects in Africa that lack the technical expertise and appropriate funding with investors seeking opportunities with exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

MinInvest fulfills a market need in the industry and brings to locally owned projects the level of research and knowledge that has helped many junior mining companies achieve success and stronghold in the African market. Our inquiry explores all aspects of key stakeholder needs, desires and interests, and would enhance chances of obtaining the likely results investors expect.

  • For our investors: We provides access to a portion of the market not normally available to them. MinInvest provides a way for investors to participate in, and profit from, the building process of our invested projects.
  • For private, micro- and small-cap resource companies: We provides access to capital, a team of global mining professionals with expertise in all areas of exploration, development, production, legal and finance. We are well positioned to leverage our rich range of experience to identify, acquire, and develop resource properties with significant potentials.


Our principals have cultural ties, in-depth knowledge of local environments in West Africa and decades of experience in developing, implementing, and managing exploration and mining projects.


We understands well the issues faced by prospective investee companies because private investment in exploration and mining development is associated with a set of unique problems in West Africa that are not encountered anywhere in the world.


Unlike others, we are not passive investors; if project passes strict and well constructed preliminary criteria, we will take the lead and provide both technical and management support


The systematic, efficient, scientific approach we take with each project will ensure a successful public listing building process


Most importantly, we take a long-term view of the exploration and mining projects, and we are looking at projects that we think are going to grow and prosper over time.